How can I accommodate my vision loss?

accessibility: measurement of how easily entered and utilized a space or task is

accommodations: changes that ensure a person can complete tasks independently


Accommodations at Home

It may sound easier said than done to accomodate your home for your new low vision needs. In my work as a VRT, I've found that sticking to the 3 standbys of: magnification, illumination and contrast is the best way to start. Where can you add more effective, direct light in your home? Where can you reduce glare? Have you visited a Low Vision Doctor to receive a prescription for magnifiers?


Accommodations while Traveling

When we talk about getting around with vision loss, I want to stress the importance of staying independent in doing so. Public transportation, volunteer driver services, paratransit or medical appointment ride social services are all options available to you. Regardless of where you live, you should have access to a paratransit transportation system to get you to Point A to Point B. 

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Accommodations at Work

If you are currently working, and have been designated as "legally blind," your employer is required to provide accommodations for you. However, if you aren't "legally blind" - but are still facing difficulties, it's important to know how to speak with your employer regarding your needs.