How can I keep active?

adapted sports: both team and solo sporting activities that have applied changes in equipment, scoring, or execution to accomodate a disability 

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Routine Integration

Start with just getting up and moving. Walking around the neighborhood, utilizing the stairs in your home or local mall will get your adrenaline pumping. The key is to start adding movement into your daily routine. Talking pedometers and heart rate monitors are a great place to start. 


Personal Goals

If you already find yourself lightly - moderately active, you are probably ready to start setting some personal goals. Are you a member of your local gym? Is there a school track nearby to get serious about improving your mile time? Setting personal goals by the day, week or month will motivate you to keep showing up. 


Organized Outcomes

Another excellent way to engage in exercise and fitness is through adapted and non-adapted group sports. USABA - United States Association of Blind Athletes is your resource for all-things paraolympics related. It hosts a national calendar for low vision sport camps and workshops, connections to blind skiing, blind golfing and blind bowling organizations.