How do I embrace aging?

Aging in Place: The choice to live in your natural environment instead of more restrictive housing options


Physical Independence

Limits on your physical independence are not just related to vision loss. It's crucial that you understand the network of therapies that exist to get you stronger and in control of your mobility. Regardless if your goal is to walk around the block a few times, or to take the local bus, your physical independence will improve with access to key professionals. 


Social Independence

Remaining connected to your friends and family may seem like an obvious point to make once you've reached retirement. However, I've worked with many clients who feel that they only have one or two people that they connect with regularly. If this resonates with you: are you in contact with your local senior center? Do you engage in any community support groups or activities? 


Emotional Independence

Relying on friends and family can be cumbersome when working through the process of vision loss. Do you have the tools for self-reflection? Do you have a professional case manager, social worker or trained psychologist who can push you make progress emotionally? It's important to reach beyond your natural supports to continue aging with ease and grace.