Where can I seek out help?

Area Agencies on Aging (AAA): Originally formed with the passage of the Older Americans Act, there are mandated AAAs in each state, some going by slightly alternative names, but each with the same mission: helping older adults get connected with the resources they need


Locate Your Local AAA

Surprisingly, not many people are aware of which state agency is functioning as their local AAA. Luckily, there is an easy way to discover your state's AAA, and that's by searching this database


Get Connected with Vision Services

The next step is to be in touch with your local Commission for the Blind. Even if you aren't legally blind, they can assist you in finding help, support and guidance in what you may be eligible for. You may also look for certified personnel in your community as a way to seek out vision services. 


Seek Assistance 

Do you not have the time, energy or brain power to manage soliciting assistance from various agencies? Are you working with a Social Worker right now who could take on some of that load? Tired of waiting for bureaucracy to unfold? Short-term VRT Consulting can help aleviate this stress for you.