10 Reasons to Download "Seeing AI" for iPhone

If you have an iPhone DO NOT WAIT! 

The new Seeing AI app from Microsoft has blown much of the the scanner/OCR (optical character recognition) readers out the water. It's seamless design and virtually no wait-time have made it a must-have for users with low vision. 

I'll take a few deep breaths and (try to) deliver a more level-headed review. I genuinely love this app. Here are 10 reasons why I think you should download it and give it a test drive, stat. 

  1. It is a FREE identification app

  2. It will read short text (mail, receipt, check, etc.) just by holding up the camera to the item you want it to read

  3. It will read long text (menus, documents, letters, etc.) just by taking a picture, then quickly allowing you to navigate the document section-by-section - the best part is your camera doesn't save these photos, therefore not taking up a bunch of space on your phone!

  4. It will identify the brand and exact product of an item by simply hovering the camera over the barcode + detailed product information (if you want it)

  5. You can train it to identify specific faces and facial expressions

  6. The layout and design is simple, with one lower bar menu to toggle between the reader settings 

  7. You can easily download it from the iTunes App Store 

  8. It is compatible with VoiceOver

  9. It will soon include a built-in currency reader for bill identification

  10. Many people and clients I've worked with have been sincerely excited about the ease of use and improvement to their quality of life. No more wondering which shampoo you are buying!