What aging can teach us about hard work.

Some of our passions change or evolve, while others we've maintained our whole lives. Which interests, loves or hobbies fill you up? Have you lost sight of them? 

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention just published a sophisticated checklist - built to remind us of those passions. Here are the highlights.


"Research has shown that for older adults, staying engaged in enjoyable activities is associated with better physical and mental health

In addition, research has shown that learning a new activity for older people can provide some “insurance” against memory loss. However, it cannot prevent progressive diseases like Alzheimer’s and other dementias (CDC 2017)."


What activities get you inspired, motivated, or downright excited? Identifying these first (without judgement!) will get you started on the right track. Have you considered volunteer work, or going back to school? Not letting societal norms define your journey is key to embracing the possibilities of personal growth.

Put Yourself Out There

You may not feel up for learning a risky new skill, but making yourself vulnerable to a new group via a theater class, Meetup group, or Silver Sneakers walking club will provide you with an unmatched psychological reward. Ready to take the plunge?