Grocery Delivery

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Does planning for meals provide more stress than pleasure? Could it be the idea of getting to the nearest grocery store, or the thought of reading the food labels that gives you anxiety? Is the nearest pharmacy not-so-near?

Luckily, the internet has finally caught up with the needs of people who are seeking to reduce their stress and still maintain their access to food and medication. Between grocery delivery, meal delivery and pharmacy delivery, this is a great time to be online. There are countless companies and programs starting up everyday to fill this niche, and below I've highlighted a diverse array of what's out there now. 

Grocery Delivery

Instacart ($5.99 - $8.99 with yearly options)

Peapod ($6.95 - $9.95)

Amazon Prime Now ($99 per year / $8.25 per month)

Meal Delivery

Free! Meals on Wheels America

Subscription Pre-Made Meal Delivery Services:

Freshly: ($8.99 - $12.50 per meal) 4-12 meals per week options, gluten-free

ION Nutrition: ($9.35 - $15.99 per meal) 1-3 meals per day options, vegetarian, paleo and high protein options

Pete's Paleo: ($16 - $23 per meal) 5, 10 or 15 meals per week options, paleo, organic

A la Carte (fee-based) You-Make Meal Kits

Hello Fresh: (avg $9.99 per serving) 2+ people, flexible subscription & recipes

FreshRealm: (avg $11.95 per serving) 2+ people, pre-chopped & prepped ingredients 

Peach Dish: (avg $14.99 per serving) 2+ people, highly-rated food, flexible subscription

Medication Delivery

Medication Delivery

CVS Pharmacy

Free Standard Shipping (5-10 Business Days)

Express Scripts

(Mostly) Free Standard Shipping


Pay-per-drug, ranging from $10-$24 for a 90 day supply


Free Standard Shipping (5-10 Business Days)

Insurance Companies

Many insurance companies offer free or low-cost pharmacy delivery services. Reach out to your medical insurance provider to inquire about options for you!