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Do you want access to a trusted, certified Vision Professional? Do you wish to cross-check the credentials for the service provider you are working with? 

The Academy for the Certification of Vision Rehabilitation and Education Professionals is the national standard of recognition of competence and mastery of the following professions:

  1. Vision Rehabilitation Therapy (CVRT)
  2. Orientation and Mobility (COMS)
  3. Low Vision Therapy (CLVT)
  4. Assistive Technology Specialist (CATIS)

Step 1: Go to ACVREP Website:

Step 2: Click "Verify" in Navigation


On the top navigation menu you will find "Verify" between "Find a Job" and "News" tabs. 

Step 3: Select Type of Certification

Vision Rehabilitation Therapy (CVRT) > Activities of Daily Living

Orientation and Mobility (COMS) > Travel Skills

Low Vision Therapy (CLVT) > Low Vision Device Training

Assistive Technology Specialist (CATIS) > Technology Skills

Step 4: Select State or Province

In the drop down menu, select the state you are living in or enter the name of the service provider. 

Step 5: "View Directory" 

Once you click "view directory" a list of all practitioners will come up. You can view their credentials, the expiration of their credentials and where they are located. 

If you are seeking help receiving services, let me know how I can assist you. Take advantage of a complimentary VRT assessment. 

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