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I'm often curious about how legislation actually affects the day-to-day lives of my clients. How directly can we see and measure the impact? I want to show you that the OAA and the ADA have a clear effect on the quality of life for older adults facing vision loss. I've trimmed most of the fat to get you the information that you can put to use right now. 

If you are seeking out more information regarding the laws pertaining to disability rights, I encourage you to visit the ADA website


Older Americans Act (1965)

Reauthorized in 2016 (the 15th time since the original law was formed), the OAA stands as a landmark piece of legislation that cements the rights of older adults in the United States. There are 7 key titles in the original law, which outline the formation of the following programs below. If you would like to read the entire law with updated amendments, here's the link

  1. Declaration of Objectives for Older Americans
  2. Administration on Aging & Area Agencies on Aging: Locate programs in your neighborhood here
  3. National Family Caregiver Support Program: Paying for senior care
  4. Grants to State Units on Aging
  5. Senior Community Services Employment Program: Search for a program near you here
  6. Grants to 241 Tribal and Native organizations
  7. Native American Caregiver Support Program
  8. Ombudsman Program
  9. Programs for Prevention of Elder Abuse Neglect and Exploitation: Find resources near you
  10. State Legal Assistance Development Programs: Access the Aging Network - Overview Link


Americans with Disabilities Act (1990)

Equally pivotal in scale and execution, the ADA focuses on people with disabilities at large, and pinpoints 5 crucial needs for people who require accommodations. Read the entire law (as amended) here

  1. Equal Employment Opportunity: Office of Disability Employment Policy
  2. Government Services
  3. Public Accommodations: Standards for Design
  4. Commercial Facilities
  5. Transportation: Contact ADA Specialists for filing complaint or asking questions