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You know what you like. When taking the splurge on a new phone or tablet it's important to consider what you need out of it, and how much you're willing to spend. (Advanced users may skip this page and go straight to the Android vs. Apple cheat sheet if you're looking to decide between the two). 

Here's a basic overview of what's out there. Before even perusing this list I recommend making a brief list if your needs, wants and budget. These three lists should drive your choice making here.


  • High Operation Capacity
  • Lightweight
  • Built-in accessibility settings
  • Can add-on advanced software (ZoomText, JAWS, etc.)
  • Some with Tablet screen for touch selections
  • Price Range: (approximately $150 - $2,500)

Personal Assistants

  • Voice Controlled Devices
  • App and Skill-based Operation
  • No mouse or keyboard
  • Internet Required with paired Smartphone, Laptop or Tablet
  • Price Range: (approximately $50 - $350)


  • Lightweight
  • App-run
  • Plenty of Accessibility Options
  • Large Screen for Zoom Capabilities
  • No mouse or keyboard
  • Price Range: (approximately $50 - $1,200)

Smart Phones

  • Take with you anywhere
  • App-run
  • Plenty of Accessibility Options
  • Voice Command and Text Reader Options
  • No mouse or keyboard
  • Price Range: (approximately $50 - $700)

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