How to cope with car culture or public transportation. 

Orientation and Mobility: Travel training for the visually impaired that focuses on independent travel with use of a long cane, and emphasizes meaningful and intentional travel skills

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Discover Possibilities

Whether you live in a rural area, suburb or within a city, now is a great time to discover what travel options are out there! Paratransit services are excellent low-cost, on-demand transportation services. Volunteer driver programs are all over the country, not to mention your local public transit options. Do you have Medicaid? Transportation is also available for getting you to/from your medical appointments. 


Get Training

If traveling is an area of your life that you need some help with, there are a network of professionals willing to help. Orientation and Mobility Specialists are experts in assisting adults reclaim their independence while traveling. This instruction can include the use of a long cane, collaboration with a Physical Therapist for unique balance needs, and assess your readiness for the use of a service dog. 


Integrate Multiple Approaches

You may have a solid grasp on your options based upon your geography. That being said, you could be the perfect candidate for someone who needs short-term Orientation and Mobility Instruction. O&M Specialists don't always start from zero, in fact, they build upon your exsisting skillset to expose you to new and functional travel options.