How do I optimize my phone accessibility features? 

smart phone accessibility: measurement of how well designed an application or setting features are to users who are visually impaired 


iOS - Apple - Voice Over

VoiceOver is a built-in accessibility feature to all iPhones. You can turn VoiceOver on my asking Siri, or by using the Settings - General - Accessibility - VoiceOver, and toggling it on. Single taps and gestures read what's under your finger, and a quick double-tap will activate what's under your finger. Try it out! If you'd like more in-depth training, let me know and I'll connect you with the right option. 

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Android - Talk Back

Similar to Voice Over, you can turn TalkBack speech on by navigating through the General Phone Settings - Accessibility - and switching TalkBack on. The gestures used are almost identical to iOS. The best time to start is now - give it a go! Here are Google's basic gesture guide for TalkBack. 


Other Accessibility Options 

In addition to TalkBack and VoiceOver, there are zoom, contrast, font size, speech speed settings, and many additional vision-friendly changes you can make to your smartphone. Start by accessing General settings - Accessibility - Vision: and they you can start experimenting with magnification, illumination and contrast!